WW 7641 – “All Are Mine”

WW 7641 – “All Are Mine”

WW 7641 – “All Are Mine”

5″ x 18″ x 6″

In 1640 the “Waaguhr” was the first mechanical clock that was affordable by the new middle class in Europe. Its simple design allowed for only one hand indicating the hours. The average person of the Seventeenth Century measured time with only three times of day: sunrise, high noon, and sunset.

The Verge and Foliot escapement is the earliest known method of advancing the beat in mechanical clocks. It’s use further developed mechanical clocks, and is a very important step in the history of technology.

This clock tells a chilling story of the medieval mindset. The hand painted and hand carved figures depict the rich, the pious, the young, the old, and royalty. Death stands above them all swinging his scythe.
The mechanism is made of wood and is powered by a roughly hewn rock from the Black Forest. This clock is interesting to watch as a moving decorative piece, but should not be counted on for accurate timekeeping. So many technological advancements have occurred in the last four hundred years that should be taken advantage of when you are looking for a clock to keep you on schedule! If you are looking for a more accurate and reliable timekeeper in this style, be sure to check out our castle clocks.

The “All are Mine” is by Rombach und Haas.


  • Powered by the weight of a real rock from the forest
  • Reproduction of an early 17th Century timepiece
  • Verge and Foliot (pinwheel) escapement
  • A fine conversation piece
  • Original Black Forest clock, certified by the VDS
  • Made in Germany

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