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cuckoo clocks

Quartz cuckoo clocks

Mechanical Mantel Clocks

Double-Bell Alarm by Sternreiter (MM 111 602 00, and MM 111 602 20)
Brahms Tambours (MM 808 119), Lincoln Tambours (MM 808 146 08), Sloan Brackets (MM 808 373), and any clock with a balance escapement and Westminster chimes.

Instructions (PDF) (Brahms tambours)
Instructions (PDF) for Models with Automatic Night Shut-Off (Sloan, Tristan)
Adjust the Time and Shut-Off the Chimes
Calling the wrong number of hours
New Problem with your Young Clock?

New Haven Steeple Clocks (MM 808 381 08, MM 808 382 08, MM 808 383 08) and any mantel clocks with a Hermle movement with pendulum escapement.
Toulon, Mini-Oval, Ovale, and Dauphine Carriage Clocks. This includes all mechanical, time-only Carriage Clocks with platform escapement and lever adjustment by Sternreiter and K. Mozer. (MM 800 645 00, MM 800 646 00, 604 57, and 610 57)
Cologne (22686 000130), Versailles (22685 000130), as well as any clock with a Hermle balance escapement and hour/half-hour strike. This includes models such as the Mozer Ormolu series and small Hermle tambours like model 21143.
Congreve and other hand-made clocks

quartz Mantel Clocks

Sloan (QM 028 372 04, QM 028 372 08) chiming bracket clocks, Brahms (QM 028 119 04, QM 028 119 08) chiming tambours, as well as almost any other quartz mantel or table clocks with Westminster or Ave Maria chimes.
New Haven Quartz Steeple Clocks (QM 028 381 08) and any mantel clocks with a Hermle quartz movement with pendulum escapement.

Quartz Wall Clocks

Tarrytown (70687 n92214) chiming schoolhouse clock, as well as almost any other quartz wall clock with Westminster or Ave Maria chimes.

Weight-Driven Wall Clocks

All “Castle” clocks, including the Brettluhr and Aachen (models 70701 000701, WW 801 677 00, WW 801 504 00, 70823 000701, 70824 000701, etc.)
“Rock” Clocks, Hohenzollern (7640), “All Are Mine” (7641), etc.

Spring-Wound Wall Clocks

Jugend (SW 808 170 13), Handel (SW 808 785), Haydn (SW 808 793), Emily (SW 808 630 07), Bauhaus (SW 818 160 03), and other Hermle wall clocks with Westminster chime.