Weight-Driven Regulators

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    The “Regulator” clock is the standard by which all mechanical timepieces are measured. A regulator is a pendulum clock with a fine accurate mechanism. It is always weight driven, as the power from gravity is always constant. The pendulums are usually long with a very small, gentle swing.

    Our Regulators use the finest cabinetry and craftsmanship in long elegant cases of excellent proportion. They follow the fine example of traditional “Vienna” Regulators of the 19th and 20th Centuries. Most of our Regulators offered are “Three Light” (they include long pieces of glass on all sides of the clock) and some clocks have curved glass housings. Most of the Kieninger clocks have maintaining power, providing continuous power while the movement is wound. Most Kieninger movements offer Kieniramic Graham anchor escapement and automatic beat adjustment.

    These are excellent timepieces destined for the collection of a connoisseur. Their simple and elegant design allows them to fit in any environment or decor.