QM 24108 - Little French Style

QM 24108 - Little French Style
QM 24108 - Little French Style
QM 24108 - Little French Style

QM 24108 - Little French Style

7" x 13" x 4"

Transport yourself back to the grandeur of Versailles with this stunning Louis XIV-style clock. Its pretty moldings, finished in white and gold, give it an unmistakable air of elegance and refinement. The miniature size is perfect for any space, allowing you to add a touch of sophistication to your home without taking up too much room.

The clock's center seconds hand ticks away with precision, keeping perfect time thanks to its precision quartz time mechanism. And when the drawer opens, the clock plays beautiful mechanical music with a bell-like sound, transporting you to another era with its enchanting melody.

With a 1-year warranty, you can be sure that this clock is built to last, and its Arabic numerals make it easy to read at a glance. Add this beautiful Louis XIV-style clock to your home today and watch as it becomes the centerpiece of any room it graces.

  • Pretty moldings in the style of a Louis XIV French clock
  • Faux wood case
  • White and gold color finish
  • Miniature
  • Moving pendulum
  • Drawer opens for special little keepsakes
  • Center seconds hand
  • Plays music when the drawer opens
  • Mechanical music with beautiful bell-like sound
  • Precision quartz time mechanism
  • 1-year warranty
  • Arabic numerals

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