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    The Rombach & Haas company was founded in 1894. A former farmhouse in the middle of Schonach was chosen as the location. Schonach, the village in the Black Forest, soon became the center of the cuckoo clock industry, and has remained so to this day.

    In the beginning, it was hardly possible to make a living from the production of handcrafted Black Forest clocks, and so groceries were also sold in our centrally located company building.

    A few years later, the Black Forest clock business slowly but steadily picked up, and so more and more of these special clocks could be manufactured. At the beginning of the 20th century, only cuckoo clocks, shield clocks and other Black Forest clocks were produced in our company, and we distanced ourselves from the food industry. The two world wars also brought our company to a standstill, but clock production could only be resumed shortly after they ended.

    For decades now we have made a good name for ourselves when it comes to quality Black Forest clocks. The special watches that are manufactured in our company are unique in design and quality, and so we can look forward to large growth every year. The Haas family continues with it's fifth generation of family ownership.

    67 products