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    For more than 150 years, the name Mauthe has been inextricably linked to precision and quality. The history of the watch manufacturer, which has been successful for generations, goes back to the year 1844. Back then, Friedrich Mauthe and his wife initially founded a general store in Schwenningen, Wuerttemberg, where he also offered clock parts and complete Black Forest clocks. A short time later, the company was already producing its own movements.

    At the beginning of the 20th century, the Mauthe company experienced great growth and concentrated entirely on manufacturing its own clocks. Subsidiaries in Austria and France followed. Mauthe watches became an export hit. The company mainly delivered its timepieces to England.

    At the time of the economic miracle, Mauthe supplied the Volkswagen Group with wristwatches, which were given as a gift to every vehicle owner who had covered 100,000 kilometers in his VW without significant engine repairs. Mauthe watches thus became the epitome of quality and German craftsmanship.

    In 2011, around forty years after Mauthe stopped producing clocks in the mid-1970s, Bernd Mauthe revitalized the traditional brand with his clock manufactory in Wehingen and continued the success of the traditional company. Mr. Mauthe is an expert in the industry and has held managerial positions at well-known clock manufacturers for many years.

    The manufacturer of exclusive clocks counts among its customers the royal family of Abu Dabi, on whose behalf the manufactory succeeded with the exact replica of the largest clock in the world, the tower clock of the Royal Clock Tower in Mecca, the fascination of 1001 Nights with their Capturing the richness of detail under a glass dome.

    8 products