North Coast Imports

North Coast Imports has been committed to bringing the finest timepieces to clock, jewelry, furniture, and gift stores for more than fifty years. Specializing in clocks from Germany and around the world, we are your first choice for providing quality timepieces with the best service at the best price. If you are a store owner that strives to make available the best quality of elegant timepieces, contact North Coast Imports today.

North Coast Imports is also a designer and manufacturer of fine clocks. Our growing line of Sternreiter clocks are built by the world’s finest cabinet makers and movement makers and are assembled and guaranteed by our American craftsmen.

We have two catalogs full of clocks of every style; from the traditional to the avant-garde. Represented in our inventory are careful reproductions of clocks from the Seventeenth Century as well as elegant and austere styles of this century.

Let us assume the burden of inventory. Most stores would prefer to offer a large selection but usually overseas factories insist upon selling in large quantity with little diversification. We can allow for both. North Coast Imports will take the risk for you, storing a large inventory of many styles. We can offer you only what you need for your store at the same price as buying in bulk.

Time is of the essence. Having what you need is just as important as when you need it. If your order is in before 12:00 EST it is shipped out the same day. We can also make special shipping arrangements tailored to the needs of customers across the United States. If you are looking for these exciting, quality pieces tell your favorite clock, jewelry, furniture, or gift store about us. Or send us an Email and find out where your nearest dealer is located.

Our network of websites round out a complete horological experience and include multimedia descriptions of our clocks, as well as a special collection of modern /design timepieces. There is even an active blog with a wide range of articles and news items on everything clockwork, AND there is a growing index of help and informational articles on the proper care of your cherished timepiece.

Browse our extensive collection of available timepieces via the links on the left, or check these random examples:

CuckoosClick here for a wide selection of these fascinating and beautiful Black Forest timepieces.AlarmsClick here for the finest traditional, mechanical alarm clocks.CalendarClick here for very fine chiming wall clocks with many features.BrahmsClick here for very fine mechanical mantel clocks, perfect for any flat surface in your home.SloanClick here for accurate and reliable quartz timepieces and alarm clocks.PaintedClick here for a wide variety of very fine weight-driven wall clocks.QuartzClick here for a diverse selection of traditional quartz clocks and whimsical novelty clocks.MusicClick here for a diverse selection of clockwork items ranging from musical automata to wristwatches to mechanical game timers.WatchesClick here. NCI is pleased to present a selection of mechanical German wristwatches.