MM-C4610TCH-B - The Georgian Break Arch, Black Chinoiserie

MM-C4610TCH-B - The Georgian Break Arch, Black Chinoiserie

MM-C4610TCH-B - The Georgian Break Arch, Black Chinoiserie

8" x 13" x 6"

Highly decorated table and mantel clocks became popular in the 18th century, superb examples of the art of the clockmaker, made possible due to the emergence of smaller pendulum movements.

Comitti offers hand crafted examples of the classic period designs with the latest technical innovations in movement types to suit the modern home.

The trading activities of the English East India Company in the Far East stimulated great interest in lacquered furniture from China and Japan. A technique of artwork called Chinoiserie was developed by English craftspeople to bring the exotic sophistication of the Far East into British homes.

In 18th Century London the fashionable set embraced a new art form that represented a romantic interpretation of the orient through a European perspective. The finest cabinet makers of the day fell under the spell of this art form that became popularly known as Chinoiserie. Ownership of fine clocks and furniture decorated in Chinoiserie added glamour to the home, inferring worldliness and sophistication. Comitti Chinoiserie clock cabinets are produced from solid cherry and then lacquered in either black, green, red or blue. Five layers are applied with light sanding between the coats. The surface is then pulled over and burnished to achieve a ‘piano’ finish. Each artwork has a unique combination of ancient oriental motifs such as dragons, pagodas, birds and Mandarins, used by the artist to depict traditional oriental scenes with courtiers at play in mythical lands. The detail is marked out and then gesso applied and shaped by hand to create the three dimensional relief. These areas are then sized, gold leaf is applied and then the artwork created on the gold leaf using colors from the artist pallet. Gold powders are used to create the shading and ground work, and gold paint for the line-work. Finally the artwork is sealed using gold size and polished by hand. Inspired by the Orient but with a very British heritage.

This is a break-arch Georgian period mantel clock with triple chime movement, design circa 1780. Black lacquered piano finish cabinet hand painted with gold leaf and exquisite Chinoiserie motifs.

  • 2-year warranty
  • Made in England
  • Polished triple chime 8-day movement with 9 jewel platform escapement and chime silencer
  • Automatic night silencer (10.00 PM to 7.15 AM) and chime sequence correction
  • Solid brass dial with cherub spandrels, silver finish chapter ring and fine milled hands.
  • Beveled glasses and lacquered solid brass furniture.
  • Limited Edition of 50 pieces worldwide signed by the artist.
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Plays Westminster, Whittington and St. Michael melodies on rods.

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