WR 2731-57-01 – Spherica

WR 2731-57-01 – Spherica

WR 2731-57-01 – Spherica

11″ x 54″ x 7″

The Spherica is a monumental regulator with visible movement. It combines innovative features like a perfectly spherical pendulum bob, which creates a unique optical effect in the enlarging mirror directly behind. The large bell gives a pleasing passing single strike every hour.

This sculptural piece features the inventive aspect of suspending the swinging bob from a metal cable, rather than a traditional stick or rod. The woven cable has less wind resistance during its period of oscillation, and gives the appearance of the massive sphere floating back and forth against the convex mirror. The cable suspension means that you can also regulate the period while the clock is running.

The mechanism has diamond milled edges and a chrome finish. Its pivots guard against wear and friction, utilizing 8 ball bearings and 6 jewels. It's long and slender layout boasts a clear view of the beautiful kinetic Graham escapement.

The Spherica is by Kieninger and exclusively available through North Coast Imports. 

  • Made in Germany
  • Limited edition of 100 pieces, currently a very limited availability
  • Dark ebony veneer, black lacquer and chrome features
  • 8-day power reserve with drop-off bell strike
  • Real-time pendulum adjustment system cal. ZSPO01
  • Open escapement, spherical pendulum bob
  • Decorative fins, enlarging mirror
  • Hidden crank key compartment
  • 2-year warranty
  • A Kieninger original!

    If you are interested in this clock please email us at: clocks@northcoastimports.com – please be sure to include your zip and postal code for a dealer in your area.

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