CC 8397S - Farmer Couple

CC 8397S - Farmer Couple
CC 8397S - Farmer Couple
CC 8397S - Farmer Couple

CC 8397S - Farmer Couple

29" x 39" x 15"

This clock is an example of the finest carving available. It features incredibly lifelike figurines of a Black Forest farmer and his wife. There are oak leaves all around, and a giant Auerhahn (or pheasant) above.

The large case also holds a large, Swiss-made music box and long, deep-sounding bellows giving the cuckoo a stately call. The clock includes a shut-off switch which gives you the option of silencing the cuckoo and music. 

This collectible timepiece is the last work to come out of the now-closed Hubert Herr clock factory. It is granted a 2-year warranty by Sternreiter and North Coast Imports.



  • 2-year warranty
  • 8 days on one wind
  • Large, Swiss-made, 36-note music mechanism
  • Made in Germany
  • Wooden hands, numbers, and bird
  • Hand carved deer head, guns, horn, oak leaves, pheasant, rabbit
  • Shut-off switch
  • Official Black Forest clock certified by the VDS

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