CC kb12-2 - Laser Color

CC kb12-2 - Laser Color

CC kb12-2 - Laser Color

These charming cuckoo clocks are available in many bright and friendly colors. The leaf motif is laser cut.

This is an original Black Forest cuckoo clock, certified by the VdS. It combines clean modern design with noble and traditional craftsmanship. The cuckoo call is mechanically reproduced using bellows and wooden whistles. The timepiece is mostly constructed with durable materials like brass, steel, and wood.

  • 2-year warranty

  • Made in the Black Forest of Germany

  • Official Black Forest clock, certified by the VdS

  • Weight-driven, 1-day power reserve

  • Pendulum escapement

  • A Romba original!

If you are interested in this clock, please email us at . Be sure to include your post code for a referral to a dealer in your area. Check out this model in other colors! Collect them all!

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