Sternreiter is a mark of true care.

Sternreiter clocks are designed, maintained, and built by craftsmen with over sixty years of experience. The finest case makers and movement builders from around the world combine their talents to produce a line of heirloom timepieces.

In 1935 the Star-Rider logo was synonymous with fine cutlery and flatware. Today Dolf Kämper has resurrected the family-company’s logo and placed it as a badge of honor on exclusively produced timepieces.

Please take a moment to browse our distributors’ website here at North Coast Imports for Sternreiter timepieces and clockwork devices. Here is a link to search results for ” “Sternreiter” on the main website. You can also find information at the blog, and on our Google+ page.

In new developments, the Sternreiter Orchestrion mechanism is the latest in quartz movement design and was developed by Sternreiter and North Coast Imports. Rather than a synthesized version of clock chimes, this system plays a high-fidelity stereo recording of your choice. New sound files are easily uploaded to the movement via a WiFi access portal, which is compatible with iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, or any device with a web browser.

The computer system comes pre-packaged with temple bell hour strikes, which count the hours, as well as recorded selections including principal cellist of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and antique Regina music box tunes. The user can also easily download alternative hour announcements below:

Download Hour Announcements

English Woman
English Man
Deep Gong
Glass Bell Cuckoo
Deep Gong

Download Sounds and Music Files

Westminster on Small Bells
Bird Song
Wacky Cuckoo Birds
Mechanical Whistler

For more complete details on how to download and install these sound files, please consult the instructions or consult the dealer from whom the clock was purchased.

The files provided to the right are only to be used in the Sternreiter Orchestrion clock movement, and the authors do not permit performance for any other purpose.

Be sure to watch our blog or social media pages for further free updates to the Sternreiter Orchestrion mechanism. We have many more free surprises planned!

To purchase the full albums of Dariusz Skoraczewski’s Bach Cello Suites or the Regina music box recordings, visit