MM 50.6591/201 – Le Duel

7″ x 8″ x 4″

  • Made in Switzerland
  • Double retrograde seconds, power reserve indicator
  • Palladium plated
  • Damaskeening
  • 40 days power reserve, 46 jewel, spring wind, cal.2010
  • Limited edition by L’Epee
  • L’Epée brings the fascination of a swashbuckling historical romance alive again with the magic of a double animation of dueling swords. The animated L’Epée logo is in fact a power-reserve indicator and double-retrograde seconds.

    The 2 cross swords are the signature and emblem of the l’Epée brand. In fencing, the symbolism of swords that cross is highlighted by the “En garde” high position at the beginning of the fight and the “Surrender” bottom position at the end of the duel.

    The Power-Reserve Indicator

    The Power-Reserve Indicator can be seen at 6 o’clock. It is at its maximum when the two swords cross to form the logo of the brand. When they separate, the angle between the swords opens gradually and after 40 days of autonomy, it is time to surrender! The logo has been reversed and the 2 swords are pointing down.

    The Double Retrograde Second

    The animation of the Double Retrograde Second begins its 20 seconds cycle by 2 swords ready to fight in the “en garde” position. Then the 2 swords begin to move towards each other and cross as it is done in fencing. At the end of the 20 seconds, when the 2 swords are reaching the logo display, they both jump back to the “en garde” position to begin a new cycle.

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