MM 50.6556/201 – La Duet Soul

10″ x 15″ x 4″

  • Made in Switzerland
  • Reuge music mechanism plays one of 12 popular tunes every hour
  • 40 days power reserve, 40 jewel, spring wind, cal.2011
  • Original by L’Epee
  • When two mechanical beauties become one.

    The poesy of this particular timepiece started few year ago in Doha, when Arnaud Nicolas and Kurt Kupper, respectively CEO of L’Epée 1839 and Reuge, met during the Doha Jewelry Show. After some coffee and talks, the first sketches of the Duet were already drawn on a paper-napkin and therefore started the collaboration between two of the Swiss Jura main mechanical manufacture:

    REUGE & L’EPEE 1839

    Clocks and mechanical music boxes from the Swiss Jura are about as traditional as you can get. However, neither L’Epée nor Reuge are seeking their legacy to be found only in the books of history classes. The museum of ancient history is not the place their newest creation shall be found, but rather in the world of innovation and trend-setters. A world in which, again and again, Swiss companies have been able to defend their place as creative and design leaders.

    These manufactures have joined forces to come up with yet another unique creation. They both have a true experience in mastering their own art.

    The accomplishment is an astounding new clock masterpiece featuring a music box that the owner is able to enjoy every hour or on demand.

    The Musical Clock

    This true accomplishment goes back to the origins of both companies. An inspired collaboration has been carried out with this exceptional “Duet” musical clock. It was time for the two brands to make their way cross again. In fact, L’Epée 1839 used to be a music box manufacturer, as the early beginning of the brand. When they decided to sell their tools, during the second world war, to focus on clocks, Reuge bought the entire package. That was the first time Reuge and L’Epée met. More than 70 years later, the engineers of L’Epée 1839 and Reuge joined forces to build and created this magnificent timepiece. They decided to call it : Duet.

    The 40-days Movement from L’Epée 1839

    The caliber 2012 was created for the Duet. It is an adaptation of the known caliber 2010 with a 40-days power reserve, powered by five barrels in a row.

    The 12 Melody Music Box from Reuge

    A specific melody is played for 8 seconds on each new hour. The musical movement has autonomy of 40 days provided there are no on-demand performances. Two repertoires are presently available with either classical or popular music.


    Join us on a journey of dreams – A mechanical music Manufacture and luxury goods manufacturer, Reuge invites you on a journey of dreams, emotion and magic, a journey that will gently transport you from generation to generation, stimulating new sensitivities, inviting an awakening of the senses…

    Exclusive Musical Mechanics

    What could be more exclusive than mechanical music, beautifully presented in its case: a truly decorative piece reflecting centuries of unique know-how and the most creative contemporary design trends? Reuge: a moment of complete fulfillment in our busy lives.

    If you are interested in this piece, contact and be sure to include your zip code.