Cuckoo Clocks

8-Day Musical Cuckoo Clocks are the premier Black Forest cuckoo clocks available. The larger cases allow for more detailed carvings, longer whistles, and larger music mechanisms. Eight-day clocks generally have a deeper, richer sound and exhibit exceptionally refined artistic qualities.

8-Day Cuckoo Clocks run for eight days on one winding. We are proud to feature some very fine models in our collection, including some which are careful reproductions of priceless antiques. There is real diversity in style in this collection: chalets, carved models, Bahnhäusle, and Shield Clocks.

We are pleased to feature two very fine Black Forest Owl Clocks. These clocks have a hooting owl sound, reproduced by mechanical bellows and wooden whistles.

1-Day Musical Cuckoo Clocks feature Swiss-made music mechanisms and many include delightful animations and carvings. These German-made pieces are beautiful examples of tradition.

Cuckoo and Quail clocks exhibit pure Black Forest tradition. These are rare pieces which feature a quail call every quarter-hour, followed by a cuckoo call every half-hour. The bird sounds are produced mechanically, via bellows and wooden whistles.

1-Day Cuckoo Clocks have reliable and precision mechanisms. Fine carvings and paintings adorn these beautiful pieces. These are heirloom timepieces that make a house a home.

Quartz Cuckoo Clocks have German carvings and design with modern and very accurate quartz movements. These clocks have a synthesized sound of the cuckoo bird in its natural environment, and most include 12 melodies.